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Welcome back, cosmic soul! 

If you have made it to this page, you have shown interest in Level II ACHF Attunement after successfully completing your Level 1 Attunement with me. This is where your journey gets to continue to evolve, deepen and serve as a portal to yet another way of being. In this container, you will receive the training, practice, and teachings necessary to begin sending this frequency to other individuals. 

For some, that may look like enhancing your energetic healing offerings within your business, and for others that may look like embracing a new role as a cosmic being in your everyday life by having the ability to better support your family, friends, and loved ones on a personal level - the possibilities are truly endless provided you: 

  • Believe in the frequency and the healing power it holds 

  • Believe in yourself and your innate ability, power, and truth 

  • Remain open to the experience and allow the frequency to guide you

This is a 6-month,100% virtual, online attunement container with a blend of pre-recorded and live videos, calls, practice logs and journals, training material, resources, and more.


Attunement Portal chapters: 

  • Establishing a Connection for Self: The Refresher + Level II Intention Setting 

  • Energetic Boundaries, Best Practices, and Ethics 

  • Preparation + Establishing a Connection with Client (In-Person and Virtual) 

  • Sending an ACHF Transmission to a Third Party (Human and Animal) 

  • Closing the Session + Proper Disconnection From Client 

  • Clearing Your Energy + Re-entry into the 3D/Human Following a Session

  • For Business Use: Suggested Disclaimers + Certification wording for marketing 

Attunement Call Schedule:

  • Live 1-hour attunement opening ceremonial call 

  • Live 1-hour attunement closing call + graduation (

  • Monthly 1-hour group Zoom calls for Q+A and practice with students and your teacher 

  • Group Telegram Chat support (I will be in here every Thursday to answer questions

Graduation Requirements:

  • Completion of online portal course content 

  • Attendance to our live Zoom calls (group calls, opening, and closing ceremonies) - if you need to miss a call due to scheduling or an emergency, please contact me for an excused absence

  • Submission of your completed practice log and journal to your teacher showing a minimum of 12 practice sessions completed (ideally with different people/animals for each)

  • Submission of your final reflections and intentions response sheet 

Things to Note:

  • Level II attunement is a beautiful enhancement to many other healing modalities (massage, therapy, reiki and more) 




Stephanie's Experience: 

"ACHF has touched my life so deeply. As an adaptive and intuitive frequency, it is hard to think of an area of my life ACHF has not impacted: my mind, my physical body, my energy bodies, and the very essence of who I am. Since I have begun to work with the frequency, I have felt a deep rewiring at a soul level, deeper than I can express in words. A shift in my very coding and DNA. While I am the same person I have always been, I am also different. I am more of myself, and more deeply connected to my mind, body, and soul than I have ever been. Throughout the many, many times I have received the frequency from Arielle, (and now also sent it to myself), the first sensation I feel is its energy coursing through my body, for me, always starting in my heart space. I feel an intense, dreamy, comforting, and loving feeling within me.  I have received the frequency more times than I can count, and I always receive something different, but it is always exactly what I need. I have felt deep wounding brought to the surface and purged it out of my body. At other times, I have felt the frequency soothing hard and painful edges.  I have shed, purged, been activated, inspired, empowered, healed, held, supported, protected, and soothed by the frequency.


Becoming attuned to ACHF is one of the most profound and rewarding experiences of my life. I was nervous at first, wondering if I could even do it,  but was surprised at how quickly I connected. Moving the frequency was a bit more challenging, as my mind often got in my way at first, but with careful and loving guidance from Arielle, I moved through the doubt and was able to shift my focus. Throughout the attunement process, I have felt myself and my connection become stronger, my human-self more grounded, empowered with the knowledge that whenever I need to, I can flip over my left palm and connect to this incredible source of healing and love. After connecting with the frequency, I can still feel traces of it within my body, in my limbs, in my heart. My favorite parts of the attunement container were when our group would meet, practicing together, becoming stronger, guided by Arielle, and spirit. And after, taking those experiences and using them to connect deeper, on our own time.


I feel so deeply connected to the frequency, connected to the spirits, guides, elders, connected to Arielle, connected to the others who also were part of this attunement container. It is an absolute honor to stand beside all of them while we all dive deeper into our own relationships with ACHF." 

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