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Reclamation of your human. 

These words traveled to my ears and ravaged my body. 

My human was what I have been ignoring for all of these years. 

Punishing her for the ways that her existence has made life challenging, dark, and troublesome. 

Celebrating the cosmic version of self and disassociating with the human. 

Not realizing that by doing so, I would never feel at home here. 

In this body, on this planet, in this lifetime. 

This activation and healing transmission holds channeled wisdom, it holds energetic healing but it also holds the sacred invitation to come back home to your physical vessel. To witness him/her/them for the power and purpose and importance they hold. Without this vessel, without this physical component to our incarnation, without this Earth - there is no opportunity to experience ascension. There is no opportunity to experience and taste the vast magic of the multiverse. You see it is grounding into the Earth that opens our cosmic channel. It is grounding into our body that activates a sense of home for a Starseed on foreign land. The sense of belonging, of love, of support, of purpose you seek is stored within this activation for it is an activation of self. 

So, come home. Come sit with me. Starseed to Starseed. Multi-dimensional human to multi-dimensional human. Earth warrior to Earth warrior. Broken to broken. Lost to lost. Reclaim it. Steep your being in reverence of self. Drink the waters of Earth and drown your soul in the juices of the Cosmos. This is more than a homecoming, this is the reclamation of your human. 

Purchasing this today will give you instant access to this pre-recorded transmission. The beginning portion holds powerful trance channeled messages and then we will move into about 20 minutes of 9D energy healing (ACHF). You've felt alone for long enough...don't you think it is time to come the home you have had within reach all along? 

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