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Cosmic Advisory 




Do you feel a deep yearning for something MORE









Have you ever wondered about your higher purpose?









Longed for a stronger connection to Spirit and Self? 

There is finally a sacred space where you can get support

around personal growth and spiritual awakening all in one

Let me guess...

You have all of the rituals in place.


You've purchased the “how to manifest your dream life” workbooks, did all of the meditations to help you remain open to receive, you've done the hypnotic visualizations to meet your future self, you have the altar, the crystals, the oracle deck.


You've repeated your daily affirmations 10x a day and tried every variation of therapy, yoga, and reiki offering under the sun.


Maybe you've even splurged and invested in some online coaching and found yourself waking up in Tulum for 5 days with a group of souls you hoped would begin to feel like family. 

But then you returned to reality, the magic dimmed and you lost yourself again.

Remember, what is lost always gets to be found, love.


That is the crux of our human experience after all. 


To Remember... 

This is your safe space to land amidst the normalcy of routine, responsibility, and density of life.

Cosmic Advisory is not just a service; it's a transformative journey designed for women standing at the brink of significant life changes.

It's a path to deeper self-understanding, spiritual connection, and empowerment 

Whether you're navigating entrepreneurship, motherhood, spiritual awakening, or seeking a conscious partnership, this is where your profound transformation begins.


We will dive into the depths of...        




Deepened Self Connection, Clarity, Direction, Spiritual Connection, Healing, Energetic Alignment, Sense of Worth, Manifestation Support, Cosmic Wisdom, Psychic Opening & so much more...

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Words from the women of Cosmic Advisory...


"Cosmic Advisory with Arielle
is life changing and I am only
5 days in so far..."


"The transformation I've experienced is deep and real – I feel equipped and excited for the connection with the Cosmos I know is on its way."


"The 6-month journey with Cosmic Advisory has been nothing short of miraculous. The blend of cosmic channeling, sound healing, and consistent support helped me release old patterns and embrace my true potential."
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