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Cosmic Advisory | Virtual Support

Hello beautiful soul. 

You are likely here because you have chosen to embark on a deeper journey with self, the Cosmos, your mission in life, and in turn are open to exploring your multidimensionality, as well as the intersection of spirituality, intuition, alternate dimensions, the countless timelines you have lived, and your current human. This choice may have felt deeply rooted in your consciousness or perhaps more like it chose you - like you are merely here, answering the call. 


The call to something more. 

Something deeper. 

Something that feels like it holds the power and promise of guiding you home. 


Back to self. 

Back to knowing. 

Back to safety. 

Back to the expansiveness and endless possibilities that you entered this world holding as a human in baby form. 


Whatever turn of events, late-night internet searches, prayers, manifestations, heartaches, longingness, or curiosities that may have led you here, hold importance but nothing is more important than your arrival itself. 


If you are here it is for a reason and that reason oftentimes is not fully revealed until we are deep in the journey together.

So, as you continue to gather information about what a potential Cosmic Advisory relationship would look like for you, I ask that you hold the energetic space for all possibilities. 


Hold the energetic space to be surprised. 

Surprised at the way things connect and relate to one another. 

Surprised at the shift in why you even came here to this page in the first place. 

Surprised at the way your entire outlook on life may flip upside down after only a few short moments together. 

Things will fall away but in the beauty of balance -  know that things too will be born. 


I do not ever claim to know all, about life, myself, and certainly not about you. 

But what I do promise with this container is my devoted presence.

My pure, unbiased, and open channel.    

My wisdom, insight, and unfailing support. 

A safe space to explore, heal, grapple with, and embody different ways of being. 

A safe space to ask for the love, dedication, and support you crave. 

A friend, a guide, and an advisor to walk alongside you as you embark on the journey of a lifetime. 

For however short or long you so desire my presence in this manner. 


After having the honor of working with clients in both a group setting and 1:1 for energy healing and channeling it became clear that what some of humanity was asking for was something even deeper than that. Something a bit more customized to their journey and a bit more consistent. 

We have been at the crossroads of a beautiful transitional moment here on planet Earth and this moment has been named an awakening by some, the arrival of "New Earth" by others and both feel true to me but what it feels like most is humanity not only craving a return home to their truth and most natural state of being but also a depth of readiness we have not yet before seen on this planet. 

A depth that knows no bounds. 

A willingness to question and act on everything they have known to be true and a desire to hold more. To leave behind the linear healing, linear thinking, linear existence despite the masked safety it tends to lead with and to really embrace this 9D concept of neutrality and expansion. 

Coming off the heels of a very powerful portal in my own life and journey when it comes to identity, mission, spirituality, channeling, and more - the sacred responsibility that was ignited within me became a non-negotiable. This was not my next business creation. This was my next way to serve. It was not a choice, it was my entire soul's calling. The answer to my yearning to leave an impact in this lifetime. 

And so, in 2020, Cosmic Advisory was born. Since then, I have had the distinct honor of guiding over a dozen souls through this journey. We have crossed multiple state lines, country borders, and timezones on this journey together and I know this is only the beginning. 

Due to how personal this journey tends to be, this container is by application only. This approach allows me to make sure I am equipped to serve you and that we are a good energetic match. This is a space that is vulnerable, raw, transformative and it is therefore critical that both you and I feel safe to show up in our purest truth and feel prepared and willing to build a really beautiful, nourishing, and supportive dynamic and space. 

Our time together will be held over on Telegram, which is a free, cloud-based messaging platform. And the different packages available are explained below: 

The Access Point: (One Month Minimum)

This offering is the one I recommend if you are just getting started with Cosmic Advisory. The regular interaction will aid in the development of new energetic wiring, habit-formation, regular energetic clearing, and protection as well as removing any pressure around when, how, and what to share during this time together. This is our starting point and I find most students tend to crave this particular space first before moving into the next offering. This package will provide:

  • 4 days a week (T, W, Th, F) of Cosmic Advisory support between the hours of 8am MST - 4pm MST

  • One virtual 30-minute ACHF transmission sent to the client per week

  • One 45-minute Zoom call per month (phone or video) where we can discuss any cosmic advisory related topics, hold a Q+A session with channeling, or straight ACHF transmission 

  • A private, Cosmic-Advisory only discount applied towards any full healing sessions during the course of our time together  

  • A private, Cosmic-Advisory only discounted Cosmic Touch attunement enrollment 

The Cosmos and Beyond: (Three-Month Minimum)

This offering is what I recommend should you have already been through more regular cosmic advisory with me and are looking for continued support but not on quite as regular of a basis. This package will provide: 

  • 1 day a week (of your choosing between M-F) of Cosmic Advisory support in Telegram between the hours of 8am MST - 4pm MST 

  • One virtual 30-minute ACHF transmission sent to the client per week 

  • One 45-minute  Zoom call per month where we can discuss any cosmic advisory topics, hold a Q+A session with channeling, or straight ACHF transmission

  • A private, Cosmic-Advisory only discount applied towards any full healing sessions during the course of our time together  

  • A private, Cosmic-Advisory only discounted Cosmic Touch attunement enrollment 

Important things to note:

  • Arielle is not in control of what messages come through - she is merely a conduit of Spirit and responsible for delivering what she is given with the utmost love and light.

  • Please read through the disclaimer section of the invoice prior to your official enrollment into this container 

  • Through spiritual discernment and protection, Arielle establishes a connection rooted in love and light with the Cosmos, Spirit, and her guides, thus protecting her and her clients from any dark or negative entity involvement. 

  • No connections, energy work, or channeling bonds are made without the consent of the client. 

  • All potential clients must submit a formal application to be considered for this service 

  • The range of topics covered in this space is relative to the client and far too vast to list out what she has guided others through - this space is very limitless when it comes to what can be covered and is additionally why the application process is so crucial to ensure a good energetic match. 

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