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Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency (ACHF), pronounced "Ahh-kee-laaah" is a powerful celestial healing frequency that is being brought to the Earth via cosmically awakened starseeds. It comes from the regimented 16th energetic portal in the multiverse and is rooted in the 9D. It is in this dimension that all energy is freely taken and returned to the Source energy. Due to this portal serving as a hub to all dimensions and galaxies, as well as the home of the ACHF elders, it is guarded at all times and closely monitored by appointed celestial guards.

If you made it to this page, I assume you have already read up about ACHF or experienced this powerful healing frequency in either a private session or group healing event run by either myself or Emily The Medium. If you have yet to experience this frequency in a session or group event, it is required you do so at least once prior to enrolling in this attunement. This is to ensure that you are ready to receive and work with this high-frequency healing modality and that it is aligned with your cellular structure and energy centers. 

This level I ACHF attunement is for self-healing only. This is a prerequisite should you desire to move onto Level II and begin your journey with sending this frequency to others (friends, family members, animals, planets, clients etc). 

How it works:

  • This is an 8-week attunement portal with weekly pre-recorded video tutorials and mandatory monthly live attunement zoom sessions

  • You will receive an electronic workbook in the form a pdf that contains channeled content on the benefits, origin, phases and power of ACHF

  • Access to a student-only ACHF playlist to use when working with this frequency

  • Student-only pricing for any group healing events held during the time of this portal 

Important things to note for students: 

  • Level I ACHF attunement will only be held twice a year + you will have lifetime access to the content 

  • Start date for the currently enrolling session is 12.6.2021 

  • Pay-in-full pre-sale price of $999 will be available until 12am on 11.14.2021 | Starting at 12:01am on 11.14.2021 the price will increase to $1,111

  • A payment plan is offered by request only. Should you need a 2-month payment plan, email Arielle at