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Custom Healing Transmissions with ACHF | $111 


What are they?

Experience the power of personalized healing with my Custom Healing Transmissions,

intricately tailored to your unique journey. Drawing from your

form responses, these sessions are meticulously

crafted to address your specific

circumstances and needs, whether you're

navigating life changes, seeking emotional healing,

or embarking on new personal endeavors. 

What to Expect: 


Each session varies in length,

ensuring a bespoke experience


A harmonious blend of prophetic words,

channeled messages, and the mystical tones

of light language. This creates a meditative

soundscape uniquely resonating with your current life phase.


Whether it's aligning a specific chakra,

supporting a personal journey like IVF,

or enhancing overall well-being,

the transmission is attuned to your needs.

ACHF Infusion:

Each transmission is imbued with Akilah

Celestial Healing Frequency, enhancing

its effectiveness in realigning and

rejuvenating your energy centers.


Tailored to help you reawaken your spirit,

achieve emotional balance,

connect with joy and pleasure,

or provide support through significant

life experiences.

How it Works:

Share Your Story:

Fill out a detailed form to share your

current challenges and aspirations.

Personalized Creation:

Based on your responses, a custom healing

transmission is recorded, channeling specific

energies and messages pertinent to your situation.

Receive and Heal:

Within 5-7 business days after purchasing your transmission,

the recording is sent to you via email, allowing you

to experience healing in the comfort of your

own space, at a time that suits you best


Examples of Past

Custom Transmissions:

Support During IVF:

A series of transmissions to provide strength

and comfort through the IVF journey,

fostering a sense of connection, hope,

and resilience for my client

Internal Safety:

A transmission to help support the

nervous system of a client embarking

on a journey of deep trauma healing

Manifestation Support:

A transmission rooted in abundance, prosperity,

sacral and root support used for manifestation

Grief Support:

A transmission for the heart center and

auric field supporting a widow who

was relearning how to exist in the

world without her husband who

passed away.

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