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Virtual ACHF Healing Sessions | $150
In-Person ACHF Healing Sessions | $175

Understanding ACHF: Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency

ACHF, or Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency, is a unique and powerful form of energy healing. It originates from the 16th energetic portal in the 9th Dimension of the multiverse. This modality offers a touch-free healing experience that is both potent and celestial in nature, aiming to align the mind, body, and soul. 

Key Aspects of ACHF with Arielle: 

  • Higher Dimensional Healing: Unlike Reiki, ACHF operates at a higher dimensional level, working more profoundly with the body's energy centers and nervous system.

  • Therapeutic Sound Frequencies: Sessions often include the use of crystal sound bowls tuned to 432 Hz, a frequency in harmony with the human body and Earth's natural vibration, to enhance relaxation and clear energy blockages.

  • Deepened Healing Experience: The sound bath facilitates meditation, allowing for deeper healing and introspection.


During an ACHF session, clients may experience a range of sensations and visualizations, integral to the healing process.

How it works: Virtual Energy Healing Sessions 

Designed for busy individuals, these 60-90 minute sessions offer an energy boost, cleansing, and realignment, leaving you feeling refreshed and deeply revitalized. You do not need to hop on a Zoom call and it is preferred you are in a room free from distraction. This allows Arielle's clients to be in a safe and open environment, ideal for open energy centers. 

Session Process: 

1. Booking: The Calendly booking link will populate after payment is submitted on your success page

2. 15-minutes Prior to Session: You will receive an email from me letting you know how to prepare for your session and what time I will begin sending.

3. During the Session: Follow the steps in my email and simply recieve.

4. Post-Session: You will receive a final email letting you know when I am complete with your session and a third email if you included the channeled message add-on in your purchase. 


Add-on Option: Choose the channeling add-on at checkout to receive channeled messages post-session

Booking: To book a virtual session, use the payment link at the bottom of this page. 

How it works: In-Person Energy Healing Sessions 

Designed for local individuals who are looking for an in-person session. These are held in a beautiful and energetically clear space in Denver, Colorado called Sakala Community. We will have a private room for the duration of your session and there is a beautiful "living room" where you can continue to integrate and rest post-session if you desire. There is street parking available, as well as a few spots in the back of building. These sessions are 60 minute sessions with a buffer of 15-minutes before and after your session to give you time to drop in and come to. You will have the option of incense used during session or not. We will have a curated playlist playing as well as blankets and bolsters available for optimal comfort. If you desire to bring an eye mask or any additional items that calms you, feel free!


Session Process: 

1. Booking: The Calendly booking link will populate after payment is submitted. This will include a question relative to which room we use so please be sure to answer according to your preference.

2.  Arrival: Please arrive 15 minutes before your session so I have time to get you settled and orient you with the space. I recommend bringing a journal, pen, and water with you and you are welcome to bring an eye mask, special crystals or items that help you connect to Spirit. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to remove your shoes upon entering our space.

3. During the Session: Feel deeply held and safe to heal. You will receive ACHF as well as channeled messages in real-time if the add-on was purchased

4. Post-Session: You are welcome to spend extra time in our living room space to reacclimate following our session. 

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