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4 Hour In-Person Intensive Sessions | $1,111 


What is AHCF? 

ACHF, of Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency, is a unique,

higher-dimensional form of energy healing.

It aligns mind, body, and soul through a touch-free, celestial experience,

originating from the 16th energetic portal in the 9th Dimension

Key Features of

ACHFwith Arielle: 

Higher Dimensional Healing:

Surpasses traditional methods like Reiki in working with the

body's energy centers and nervous system

Therapeutic Sound Frequencies:

Involves crystal sound bowls tuned to 432 Hz, harmonizing with

the human body and Earth's vibration

Deepened Healing Experience:

The sound bath facilitates meditation, promoting

deeper healing and introspection

4 Hour In-Person

Intensive Process:

Purchase Session:

Select and pay for your session

Book Session:

Schedule your session and

complete the required form

Communication Setup:

Arielle will reach out to you via email

to confirm the date/time/location once

the space is fully booked for you

Pre-Session Guidance:

On the day of your session, please arrive 5-10 minutes

prior to your session start time to allow ample time for

parking and dropping into the space

Session Commencement:

Your session will start with 1 hour of celestial healing,

followed by 1 hour of rest + integration time,

followed by 1 hour of a tea or cocoa ceremony

and an oracle card spread, followed by

1 final hour for nourishing food, time

outside or in gentle movement and 

time to go into deeper reflection

with Arielle

Session Recording:

If you plan to record the audio of

our session, please bring a charged

phone and use your voice recorder.

I will not be providing a recording for these sessions. 

Completion and Integration:

You will go home with a one-page document with

integration best-practices following our time together

for continued support over the next 5-7 days

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