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What is
The Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency (ACHF)

Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency (ACHF), pronounced "Ahh-kee-laaah" is a powerful celestial healing frequency that is being brought to the Earth via cosmically awakened starseeds. It comes from the regimented 16th energetic portal in the multiverse and is rooted in the 9D. It is in this dimension that all energy is freely taken and returned to the Source energy. Due to this portal serving as a hub to all dimensions and galaxies, as well as the home of the ACHF elders, it is guarded at all times and closely monitored by appointed celestial guards.

How it works:

Due to the magnitude of power, the training capacity for using this frequency is limited at this time as each training, practice, and integration session is done with the elders in groups of 10-15 beings. Training takes place in the astral realm where the ACHF elders create Earth simulations to expose the frequency to the four elements prior to the trainee taking it Earthside. They must first understand the impact that Earth’s magnetic pull, fire, air, and water will have on the conduit, transmutation of energy, and the speed at which the frequency travels in a denser environment.


Once the individual passes training and is granted permission to work with this energy the frequency is held in the left hand which contains a vortex opening in the palm serving as a clear and steady channel to the entrance of the 16th energetic portal. Once the connection is established the portal guard then determines the strength, intent, and purpose of connection and either permits energetic entrance or not. The guards are hand-selected by the trusted elders who hold the codes of this celestial healing frequency. When permission is granted, the frequency will then flow from the 16th portal down into the ACHF worker’s palm where it then enters their body and exits through the fingertips and palm of the right hand. The left-hand remains still to hold the connection while the right hand is used to prepare the DNA, RNA, energy body, and cellular structure of the client for the healing frequency to be received.


It is a three-step process. Step one is the clearing. This prepares the body and cellular structure to receive the ACHF. The energy worker will sense energetic blocks and energy centers that are closed or misaligned and once everything is freed, open and in alignment, the worker will then move to step two. Step two consists of activating dormant energy centers and cellular receptors that are stored in the energetic body. Step three is sending the ACHF to the receiver using a blend of breath, movement, and light language to help the body’s integration process. Upon completion, the connection is severed by the 16th portal guard, and the ACHF facilitator is dropped back into their body and instructed to ground down into the Earth and disconnect from the client and portal simultaneously. 

Important things to note for the client(s):

It is common to feel disorienting sensations during and following an ACHF session. During the initial clearing, there will be sensations of fluttering and movement, images may appear in the mind’s eye of rivers, oceans, and pools of water. Many have reported seeing energy in the air in the form of colors, shapes, and textures. There will likely be warm sensations in the energy centers that are being opened and tingling where blockages are being cleared. During the activation process of dormant energy centers and cellular receptors, the body may pulsate, vibrate, and shake. This is simply the human body responding to the recalibration process of additional receptors and centers activating and coming online as they prepare to receive the frequencies of the 9D. During the third step when the facilitator is sending the ACHF there will likely be an overflow of energy causing laughter, crying, deep exhales, and a meditative state. Following the session, the client is advised to consume a great deal of water, sleep if possible - as when the human body is in a sleep state, the final steps of integration can take place. In the following days, it is likely to feel an energetic high, seeing with clearer senses, feeling reprieve from ailments, and flooded with cosmic frequencies. 

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