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This is a 5 day online e-course for women looking to learn about mood board creation! Whether you are a business woman looking to get clear with your identity, mission and business theme, or a woman simply looking for a creative outlet that will bring you one step closer to self-discovery and clarity surrounding your identity - this mini course is for you!

Here is what to expect with this course: 

Focus One: What is a mood board? We will explore the difference between a mood board and a vision board as well as the different components that make up a mood board.  

Focus Two: Why is it important to have a mood board? Who does it benefit and what role will it play in both your business and personal life?

Focus Three: How to create a mood board. This is where we will put our mood board knowledge and skills to the test and get creating! We will explore the different aspects of a mood board, begin a powerful journey inward towards self-discovery and clarity surrounding your identity. 

Focus Four: What happens after your mood board? This is where we will take your board from mood to manifestation!


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