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On a Fall day, I took out my Tibetan singing bowl, guitar, rain stick, and a microphone. Channeling for me has always been in the form of spoken word or light language. But as of late it has evolved into an infusion of ACHF energy work and shamanic sound. 


This particular sound healing is infused with the Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency and the healing frequencies of shamanic sound. It is recommended that you listen to this sound healing with headphones in a comfortable space. 


Allow the sounds to wash over you as you spend 2 minutes and 50 seconds out of your day to receive. You will feel the peace and calm throughout your entire physical, energetic, mental, and emotional body but the core of this activation will take place in your crown and heart. 


My hope is that this song will be the soundtrack to a sacred journey of self, healing, and comfort. 



What Clients Are Saying...


I really felt the light language in my crown but felt the energy of the music throughout my whole body. - Emily 


 I loved this! It felt so calming for my mind. - Cam 


 I felt chills the whole time. Listening to this felt like the most powerful energy work by a shamanic healer. - Stephanie

Sacred Sound - Crown + Heart

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