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Program + doTERRA Balance Essential Oil: $77 (Early Bird Price) 

Program Only: $97 (Early Bird Price)

Have you felt disconnected with your inner truth? 

Does your world felt a bit off kilter? 

Are you struggling to find energetic alignment in this new chapter of life? 

Are you standing at a crossroad, wondering which path leads you home? 

If so, lean in a bit closer.


Do you hear that?


It is the Universe calling out for you by name.


"This is your time to restore balance, dear friend."


Your journey does not have to be about staying busy, there is more to this dance than the hustle. There is another way. Envision a life that exudes simplicity. It is one that encourages you to live a life of slower, intentional, and heart centered moments. This is within reach, you just have to take the next step. 

Restore Balance is a seven day journey delivered right to your inbox. Together we will explore the magic already within your soul, implement powerful healing tools, and awaken the feminine power of intuition that has slept dormant for far too long.   

What to Expect: 

  • 7 individual emails (sent daily) that contain soul work exercises, energetic healing tools and more! 

  • PDF about benefits and uses of doTERRA Balance essential oil blend (only for students who enroll in program and purchase essential oil) 

  • Access to me for 1:1 support via DM and Email 



Once program is purchased, a link to shop for Balance Essential Oil will be emailed to you

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