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This is a 5 day online e-course for women in need of guidance when it comes to stress management. Let's face it, we live in a time that is fast paced and filled with conflict, expectations and not nearly enough time to slow down. While I can't promise you a stress free life, I can offer you my tools, tips and advice to help manage your stress. 

Who Is This Course For?

As we all know, stress does not discriminate. Because we all experience stress in our day to day lives, this course was created for the women of all ages and styles. That means you can be a student, mama, wife, entrepreneur, employee, sister, adventurer, light worker and everything in between. If you are a woman who has been struggling to find your center amidst the busy hustle of life then this course is for you! 

What can you expect out of this course? 

For starters, the reassurance that you are not alone. Often times when we are in the epicenter of a stress storm, we feel isolated. We feel as if there is something wrong with us. Right? We repeat phrases like "what is wrong with me" or "why can't I pull this together", am I right? Well, I have been there my lovely one! 

This course was designed to help navigate the storm and provide you with the soul work tools to manage the stress thrown your way. 

It is broken into five areas of focus: 

Focus One: Identifying your stress triggers

Focus Two: Understanding what lies beneath your stress triggers and acknowledging what your natural reaction is

Focus Three: Explore the concept of having a choice between stress vs calm


Focus Four: Practice giving yourself the permission to pause and explore powerful stress management techniques

Focus Five: Discuss environmental changes and opportunities for empowerment

You Will Receive:

-A 5 page Arielle Coree Co. exclusive stress management workbook with writing prompts and exercises. 

-One soul work lesson per day sent right to your email inbox. These lessons will be packed with stress management tips and a segments of my story!

Why Enroll In This Course? 

Because life is too short to be living trapped by your stress. Imagine what your life could look like if you were able to live feeling centered and calm despite the stressful situations that may arise. Imagine all that you could be doing with your energy if it was focused on gratitude and authenticity rather than stress and anxiety. Imagine living life as the wild and free spirit I know you are! You deserve this change. You deserve this opportunity, don't allow your fears or doubts to tell you otherwise.  

Currently Enrolling

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