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This activation series is going to be released in seven parts. In total, there will be seven pre-recorded ACHF-based energy center activations. Once purchased, you will have instant access to the recording over on youtube with a private access link. Below is a list of the pre-recorded activations that are currently active: 

  • Root Energy Center Activation - PURCHASE HERE

  • Sacral Energy Center Activation - COMING SOON

  • Solar Plexus Energy Center Activation - COMING SOON

  • Heart Energy Center Activation -  PURCHASE HERE

  • Throat Energy Center Activation - COMING SOON

  • Third Eye Energy Center Activation - COMING SOON

  • Crown Energy Center Activation - COMING SOON

Each activation is accompanied by ACHF-specific music that ties into the energy center we will be working on clearing, activating, opening, enhancing, and supporting. If you are familiar with the 9D energy healing modality, ACHF then you expect similar sensations but very much isolated to one specific energy center at a time. If you have not yet encountered the magic of ACHF, I encourage you to click over to this page and read more about the frequency. If the frequency itself speaks to you but you are looking for something more whole-body for an experience and less isolated at first, I encourage you to first book a virtual 1:1 healing session and if you love it, continue with this bundle. 

Some Notes on the Root Energy Center Activation:

I felt called to begin with the root because so much of this space is focused on the ascension. But how can one ascend or even expand if one isn't first grounded? The definition of root is the basic cause, source, or origin of something. 

And in this case, that something is you. 

So let me ask you... 

If we go about life never tending to or focusing on the root, then what happens to our inner source? 

It has been my personal experience that our origin gets clouded and we begin to feel disjointed as we thrash around in a violent sea of possibility, projection and noise. 

When I tend to the root, to my cause, source, and origin, I come alive. 

The energy pulses through my body and my inner creatrix is unleashed. 

My truth cuts through the noise of the world and the sacredness of my body returns. 

It is a return to home and direct access to the source of all that I am. 

That is what this root energy activation is created for. 

For those of us who are searching for the shore and needing a break from the noise. 

This is your sacred invitation to reestablish some roots. Not in the world but self. 

Important things to note for the client(s):

It is common to feel disorienting sensations during and following an ACHF session. During the initial clearing, there will be sensations of fluttering and movement, images may appear in the mind’s eye of rivers, oceans, and pools of water. Many have reported seeing energy in the air in the form of colors, shapes, and textures. There will likely be warm sensations in the energy centers that are being opened and tingling where blockages are being cleared. During the activation process of dormant energy centers and cellular receptors, the body may pulsate, vibrate, and shake. This is simply the human body responding to the recalibration process of additional receptors and centers activating and coming online as they prepare to receive the frequencies of the 9D. During the third step when the facilitator is sending the ACHF there will likely be an overflow of energy causing laughter, crying, deep exhales, and a meditative state. Following the session, the client is advised to consume a great deal of water, sleep if possible - as when the human body is in a sleep state, the final steps of integration can take place. In the following days, it is likely to feel an energetic high, seeing with clearer senses, feeling reprieve from ailments, and flooded with cosmic frequencies. 

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