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About Me

Cosmic Channel | Author | Usher of Spirit

Welcome to this sacred space. This website is an extension of my energetic being and it is my hope that you will find exactly what it is you are searching for among the words, offerings, and creations stored here. I am a creative, multi-dimensional, intuitive, spirit-filled, cosmic channel with a deep passion for guiding others on a path of self-discovery and exploration of the multi-verse. Through channeled readings, guided meditations, and course creation I bridge the souls of this realm with the frequency of other worlds. I am an usher of Spirit and a cultivator of sovereignty and spiritual discernment.  

I look forward to connecting with you and holding you in your highest power.

Sending you love and light from the Cosmos.

With Love,

Arielle Coree



When you dance around who you are and what you do instead of stepping into it fully, the energetic frequencies remain muted. People can not find you, work with you, or know you. 

While I love to dance, I will no longer dance around my truth, identity, and purpose in this lifetime. This creation is not just a business or hobby, it is sacred. It is a co-creation with the Universe and my entire being believes in this magic that unfolds. Every connection, every client, is a life changed. A fire re-ignited. A hope restored. 

So hello and welcome, welcome to this container. Welcome to my becoming. Step inside and see what I have learned. 


Arielle Coree

Let me walk you home...

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