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Virtual ACHF Healing Sessions | $225


What is AHCF? 

ACHF, of Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency, is a unique,

higher-dimensional form of energy healing.

It aligns mind, body, and soul through a touch-free, celestial experience,

originating from the 16th energetic portal in the 9th Dimension

Key Features of

ACHFwith Arielle: 

Higher Dimensional Healing:

Surpasses traditional methods like Reiki in working with the

body's energy centers and nervous system

Therapeutic Sound Frequencies:

Involves crystal sound bowls tuned to 432 Hz, harmonizing with

the human body and Earth's vibration

Deepened Healing Experience:

The sound bath facilitates meditation, promoting

deeper healing and introspection

Virtual Energy Healing

Session Process:

Purchase Session:

Select and pay for your session

Book Session:

Schedule your session

Communication Setup:

Arielle will reach out to you via Voxer or

Telegram, based on your preference

Pre-Session Guidance:

In the chosen app, you will receive a voice note with the best

practices for the session, and a link to a specifically curated

Spotify playlist to listen to during your session

Session Commencement:

A voice note will be sent to you in the app, indicating the start of

the session, along with an optional audio file to help you drop in

and assist your system's preparation for the session 

Session Recording:

The session will be audio-recorded, and the file will

be sent to you via the app after the session

Completion and Integration:

A concluding voice note will be sent with information on the

session completion and additional best practices for integration

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