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The Retrieval is a powerful energetic experience that took place on 11.11.21. It is dripping with the essence of that double portal energy. It is home to powerful throat activations, soul remembrance, and past life alchemy. This is not a healing. This is the threshold that provides access to who you were the moment you arrived Earthside. This is your invitation to activating your original sound current, exploring your starseed origins, and restoring your cosmic blueprint. This is a voyage to your soul's home and beyond. 

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This pre-recorded healing session holds the powerful and sacred energetic potency of ACHF. This space serves as an energetic healing chamber for you to come as regularly as you feel called to do so. The Softening is a place for you to land, to feel, to shed, to thaw, and to remember what it means to experience life through a softened energetic existence. This healing transmission activates within you a new way of leading, living, and being. It invites you into the sacred space of co-existence with the Cosmos, co-creating with all dimensions and timelines, and serving as a portal to your infinitely organic nature. 

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This live session will be held on 11.26.21 at 4pm MST. Purchase of this container will also give you access to the replay should you not be able to make it with us live. This is a portal for your energetic expansion, activation of alternate timelines, access to shift in dimension, enhancement of lucid dreaming/astral projection all through the use of ACHF and cosmic channeling. This is your portal of untetheing your being and receiving access to the multiverse.