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Oracle Card Readings | $90USD

Arielle uniquely blends her clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentient psychic abilities with the use of her oracle card deck to serve as a conduit of Spirit for clients worldwide. Her one-of-a-kind approach to reading your energy and discerning the words of the Universe leaves you feeling seen, heard, and held. No two readings are the same, just as no two souls are the same. 

How it works:

She asks her clients to send over an unedited photograph of themselves from the day the reading was purchased alongside a song title and artist that currently resonates with the individual's soul. Using these two items, she then establishes an energetic connection between the client and Spirit through deep meditation. Once a strong connection is established, she will then begin to enter a trance-like state blending several of her techniques to capture the messages received. She interprets the messages via her cleansed oracle card deck, channeled automatic writing, and detailed clairvoyant visualizations. The reading format is dependent upon the client's current needs and soul cravings. It can range anywhere from holding insight for their present life circumstances, direction through hardship, reassurance from the Universe, answers to specific questions, and clarity of life purpose. Once complete, Arielle then types out a detailed message to her client sharing all information that came through along with a photograph of the client's cards. The written format allows her clients to hold onto their reading and revisit it as many times as they feel called to do so. 

Important things to note:

  • Arielle is not in control of what messages come through - she is merely a conduit of Spirit and responsible for delivering what she is given with the utmost love and light.

  • Timelines provided during readings are subject to change due to the presence of the individual's free will. Any timeline mentioned is what Spirit provides on the day of the reading - it is an energetic snapshot and up to the individual to adopt or alter. 

  • Through spiritual discernment and protection, Arielle establishes a connection rooted in love and light with Spirit thus protecting her and her client's from any dark or negative entity involvement. 

  • Once the reading is complete, the energetic connection is shut down and only re-established at the time of the client's next reading. No connections, readings, or healings are made without the consent of the client. 

A Behind The Scene Look With Arielle: 

"There are few things more magical than sending off oracle card readings to clients.

The cleansing scent of Palo Santo in my home chills blanketing my body, and a special warmth in my heart. It is unlike anything else I do.

There is a sacred bond of trust between the three of us - myself, you, and Spirit.

I ask for intentional connection to be established and soon the energy flows in and through me. Transcribing messages as quickly as I can so as not to miss anything.

Oftentimes, with tears streaming down my face, across my lips - dropping on the desk I am pulled up to.

I pause - complete awe of the beauty.

The beauty of your longing to connect, to dive deep, to know and to trust.

The beauty of how Spirit shows up - every single time with the words your heart is needing most.

I pause - in complete awe of the honor.

The honor to be trusted with tapping into your energy.

The honor of Spirit willingly using me as the conduit.

I pause - in complete awe of your journey.

Where you have been, the aspects of life that weigh on your heart, and all of the light you have yet to discover.

It is an honor to read for you.

To provide divinely crafted messages for you.

To hold space for you. 

Each time I hit "send", my heart expands. 

A piece of your story with me - for always. 

I am eager to meet whomever Spirit is sending next. 

I am ready. 

Wherever you are. 

And to those I have had the privilege of reading for in the past - thank you for including me on your soul's journey". xoxo, Arielle

    **Acceptable forms of payment: Paypal (Click "Book your Reading" link below) or Venmo to arielle-johnson-3

***Once payment is made, contact Arielle via email with your photo and song

****Readings take anywhere from 48 hours up to 1 week to complete and return to client

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