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This is a 17-minute healing transmission for your Sacral Chakra. This is a unique blend of prophetic words, channeled messages, and the mystical tones of light language, creating a meditative soundscape that resonates deeply with your center of creativity and passion. Infused with ACHF, this session is designed to realign and rejuvenate your sacral chakra, a vital source of your emotional and creative energy.

Whether you are seeking to reawaken your creative spirit, enhance emotional balance, or deepen your connection to pleasure and joy, this healing transmission offers the perfect sanctuary.



  • Rekindled creativity and passion
  • Targeted support for the sacral chakra (emotional balance + creativity)
  • Relief from emotional blockages and a path to joy and fulfillment
  • Emotional healing, release of stagnant energies, and realignment of energy centers
  • Restored balance of the emotional energies from ACHF integration

Healing Transmission - Sacral

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