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Words from clients and customers of Arielle Coree Co. True women on the rise! 

"You truly have a gift for helping women dig deep, honor their struggles, release what is no longer necessary, and triumphantly pull out the best parts of themselves. I know, because I am one of those women. You have forever changed my life more than counseling, antidepressants, or any other "quick-fix" form of recovery ever could. If you hadn't made the decision to go after your dreams, there's a huge chance that I, along with so many other women, would still be stuck, still searching for the right person to come along and show us the way. So for that, I am forever grateful to you."

Camey Medina

"The amount of growth, transformation and personal power I have witnessed take place in my mind, body and soul has been too great to put into words. I want to thank you...It has been a gift I will forever remember and appreciate."

April Pasternak

"Everything I subconsciously suppressed for years, came to the surface during this course and although it was an overwhelming and emotional experience, it was one of the best things I've ever discovered. I feel free, refreshed, and ready to conquer the world with my new found confidence and light."

Courtney Sherry

"I reached out to Arielle Coree and she so graciously gave some of her time to me. To read my words and from a place of kindness and compassion gave me a bit of soul work that would lead to somewhere I didn't even imagine. So thank you to this kind sister who took the time to guide me gently."

Lana Cornett

"I can officially say that I completed all 10 days of Rise.Bloom.Thrive.! It is weird to say completed though because I feel like it is more of a beginning. It is the opening to my journey! I feel so inspired to step my into the creation of my life. I feel empowered and confident!"

Natalie Erin

"Arielle Coree Co. just started making beautiful wearable gear, and I couldn’t be more excited! Arielle has a whole variety of different shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve, with an array of different sayings and slogans. I was certainly drawn to the “Watch Me Rise” long sleeve shirt with a cute sunrise in the background. It was so cozy and comfortable I threw it on the minute it arrived, wearing it to school that evening, and a friend asked me that first night where she could get one! Look through Arielle’s shop to find other awesome shirts with slogans such as “Rise. Bloom. Thrive.” and “The Golden Light in me Honors the Golden Light in You."

Read her blog post review here:

 Danielle Warford

"Beautiful woman and amazingly comfy apparel!!! I'm all about being comfortable and knowing that I'm wearing an amazing brand fuels my soul too!! Arielle is such an awesome person and it shines through everything she does!!!"

Lisa Benavidez


I am not quite sure how Arielle and I connected, all I know is the Universe put us together for a reason...without a shadow of a doubt I am certain. 


We originally connected through our life stories, as our paths have been pretty similar. She has shown me, the emotional and spiritual side of what a Woman on the Rise looks and feels like. The support, love and inspiration that I receive from her on a daily basis is unexplainable. 


Through her strength, courage and transparency I have been empowered to light those qualities up inside Myself and let them shine. It blows me away the power that has held, and how much I have Risen in a short amount of time.


Her Soul Gear that she has created for Women on the Rise, our my daily reminders of the power I hold.


I am so grateful for her, and her journey."

Maegan Simmons

"Arielle's apparel, her friendship, and the constant help she gives to others is an expression of the beautiful light filled soul that she is. Her clothes are light airy, and comfortable. Her heart is pure and honest. Her unbridled strength and determination shine through everything she sets her mind to do. You will not be disappointed in Arielle Coree or in Arielle Coree Co."

Tristen Smith

"Healing ourselves can be one of the most difficult journies we begin-- Sharing that journey is an entirely different difficulty on it's own. It was an immediate comfort and ease to be met by Arielle's honest, powerful, yet gentle, Spirit. She's an insightful guide who Lights the Soul-Work path with her own life experiences and passion, making the journey feel possible for those of us who are pursuing the healing of our root fears for the first time. The purpose within Rise. Bloom. Thrive is the sisterhood I had been searching for, for a long time. Thank you, Arielle!"

Ash Zeuch

"I have had the honor of participating in Arielle's Stress Management Course, which happened to coincide with the most stressful circumstances in my life. Having her expertise and guidance during this time helped me get to the root causes of my stress triggers and instead of allowing it to get the best of me, she taught me the steps that I continue to take in order to see the silver lining, move through my emotions, and transfer that energy into something productive. I am forever grateful to Arielle for being a constant source of light, even when she herself is navigating through the dark. She is a true light worker with an unbreakable spirit and I look forward to experiencing more life changing courses lead by my dear friend and sister, Arielle Coree."

Shelly Lynne

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