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Virtual Energy Update | $60USD

Are you having difficulty navigating the current energy? Does your mind feel clouded? Do you wish you had someone you could ask a few questions to and receive intuitive, unbiased, clear answers? Then this service is for you.


Arielle uniquely blends her clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentient psychic abilities to address your question(s), read your energy, and discern the words of Spirit.  

How it works:

Once a session is purchased via the payment link below, you will send an email over to with 1-2 questions you would like addressed. These questions can be specific to a situation, relationship, issue, or area of uncertainty. She will provide a detailed response with all messages psychically received and offer tips for how to navigate through this season.  

Important things to note:

  • Arielle is not in control of what messages come through - she is merely a conduit of Spirit and responsible for delivering what she is given with the utmost love and light.

  • Timelines provided during readings are subject to change due to the presence of the individual's free will. Any timeline mentioned is what Spirit provides on the day of the reading - it is an energetic snapshot and up to the individual to adopt or alter. 

  • Through spiritual discernment and protection, Arielle establishes a connection rooted in love and light with Spirit thus protecting her and her client's from any dark or negative entity involvement. 

  • Once the reading is complete, the energetic connection is shut down and only re-established at the time of the client's next reading. No connections, readings, or healings are made without the consent of the client. 

Who this is perfect for: 

  • Someone looking for a quick and clear resolution to a current life situation 

  • Someone looking for insight on a very specific topic 

  • Someone new to the world of energy readings who may not feel ready for a card reading quite yet 

  • Someone looking to work 1:1 with an intuitive but unsure of it being the right fit. This service gives you the perfect taste for how Arielle intuitively guides her clients for a smaller investment 


    **Acceptable forms of payment: Paypal (Click "Book your Reading" link below) or Venmo to arielle-johnson-3

***Once payment is made, contact Arielle via email with your 1-2 questions

****Readings take anywhere from 1-3 business days to complete and return to the client

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