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Virtual 1:1 Sessions | $111 USD

After perfecting her psychic skillset for over three years with a private mentor, Arielle is ready to open her channel up for 1:1 virtual sessions with clients. She is currently booking phone sessions via Zoom for Saturday mornings and will open her schedule more in 2021. These sessions are customized to the individual but will be a blend of oracle cards, psychic channeling, and intuitive guidance. 

How it works:

Once a session is purchased via the payment link below, you will send an email over to stating the time zone you are located in, as well as which month you prefer your session to be completed during. Arielle will then respond to you via email within 24-48 hours offering several time slots to choose from that work with your time zone. If the month you requested is fully booked, she will offer you next available month. 

24 hours prior to your reading, Arielle asks that you email over a list of topics you would like her to psychically address during the session. Please note, these sessions are 45 minutes long and she will cover as much as she can from your list. Messages as well as loved ones, guides, etc that come through are dependant upon Spirit and there is no guarantee a specific soul will come through during your reading however, it has been her experience that souls tend to show up when they are called. With that in mind, sending a little message to whomever it is you hope to connect with prior to this session is always helpful. If you have questions regarding how to signal you wish to connect with a particular soul, include that in your email and Arielle will guide you through this process.    

Important things to note:

  • Arielle is not in control of what messages come through - she is merely a conduit of Spirit and responsible for delivering what she is given with the utmost love and light.

  • Timelines provided during readings are subject to change due to the presence of the individual's free will. Any timeline mentioned is what Spirit provides on the day of the reading - it is an energetic snapshot and up to the individual to adopt or alter. 

  • Through spiritual discernment and protection, Arielle establishes a connection rooted in love and light with Spirit thus protecting her and her client's from any dark or negative entity involvement. 

  • Once the reading is complete, the energetic connection is shut down and only re-established at the time of the client's next reading. No connections, readings, or healings are made without the consent of the client. 

Who this is perfect for: 

  • Someone looking for in-depth guidance regarding a current life situation or topic 

  • Someone looking to connect with loved ones who have passed

  • Someone looking for live interaction with an intuitive guide

  • Someone looking for energy clearing


    **Acceptable forms of payment: Paypal (Click "Book your Reading" link below) or Venmo to arielle-johnson-3

***Once payment is made, contact Arielle via email with your time zone and preferred month

Artwork Credit: Lindsay Kokoska

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